Plano Malagousia

Mediterranean charm

Plano Malagousia by Wine Art Estate is a wine that manages to maintain its role at the table, perfectly matching plenty of dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, without sacrificing the well-known extroversion of the variety. A balanced and at the same time expressive Malagousia that can play all roles, moving along the tasting area between the explosiveness of Techni Alipias white and the austerity of Plano Assyrtiko.

The label featuring a drawing compass and the name ‘Plano’, ‘Plan’ in Greek, remind us of the two founders of the Estate, civil engineer Giannis Papadopoulos and architect engineer Giannis Kalaitzidis.

Cold soaking of the skins prior to fermentation to transfer aroma components from the grapes to the must. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with sur lie (stirring of the fine lees into the tanks) for a month; a method that gives the wine volume and complexity.

APPEARANCE / Light lemon color with green highlights

NOSE / Intense character that brings a Mediterranean garden with green herbs to mind. Citrus fruits, unripe peach, four o'clock flower and a wonderful green character reminiscent of green pepper, freshly cut grass, fennel and mint.

PALATE / Its wonderfully refreshing acidity in combination with the moderate body and medium alcohol make a real flexible wine, easily paired with different foods without losing its expressiveness.

Mediterranean cuisine, and Greek cuisine above all, will be flattered when paired with the charming Plano Malagousia. Its acidity will go well with dishes dressed in the traditional egg-lemon ‘avgolemono’ sauce: stuffed zucchini, dolmas vine leaves stuffed with rice, dolmas with cabbage leaves, pork with celeriac or leek. It will highlight dishes with avocado, boiled greens and Cretan ‘stamnagathi’, while it will be perfect with any Country-style Greek pie. Of course, the Mediterranean traits and flavors of Plano Malagousia will pair it successfully with the dishes of Italian cuisine: Pasta alla Genovese with basil pesto sauce, pizza with green sauce, vegetable risotti, green salads and cold appetizers.