Nebbiolo: and yet, it travels

Exceptional red variety Nebbiolo, the famous diva from Piemonte, is known among wine circles as "the variety that does not travel", since it can rarely offer its incomparable charm away from the foggy and humid weather of the Italian region. By tasting Nebbio of Wine Art Estate, a wine produced in miniscule quantities with fruit from the vineyards of Drama, makes us cry out: and yet, it travels!

Nebbiolo triumphs in Drama, with its finesse, power and style.

Cold soak of the skins to the juice prior to fermentation for a few days to transfer noble phenols and structure from the grapes, before the "appearance" of alcohol. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with regular pumping-over to extract color and tannins. After the malolactic conversion, the wine is transferred to old, exhausted 225 lt French oak barrels for a 4,5 years maturation. Light filtration and bottling.

APPEARANCE / Light garnet color

NOSE / The long aging process contributes to the creation of a wonderful spectrum of aromas and memories. Dried plums, tobacco, soy sauce, cigar box and pastirma savory notes make up a nose that changes, evolves and surprises.

PALATE / Aging has given the wine a velvety texture, while the underlined acidity keeps it alive and full of nerve. Moderate alcohol, beautifully ripe tannins and moderate body offer Nebbio balance and flexibility.

Velvety textures, complexity and depth of flavors are the elements we need to look for in our dishes in order the unique and rare Nebbio is well-paired. It will go well with foods such as a juicy Beef Wellington wrapped in a crispy dough, a wild boar fillet, a mushroom risotto with ground Parmesan, as well as a nice burger stuffed with blue cream cheese.