Plano Assyrtiko

The razor-blade, sharp expression of Drama

Plano Assyrtiko offers mineral austerity with the iodine aromas of the sea. Its lemony, salty character evokes childhood memories, when as children we were bringing a handful of wet pebbles near our nose to enjoy their sea breeze.

The grapes come from a single vineyard in Kali Vrisi, on the eastern slopes of Mount Menoikio. The label featuring a protractor and the name ‘Plano’, ‘Plan’ in Greek, remind us of the two founders of the Estate, civil engineer Giannis Papadopoulos and architect engineer Giannis Kalaitzidis.

Cold soaking of the skins prior to fermentation to transfer aroma components from the grapes to the must. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with sur lie (stirring of the fine lees into the tanks); a method that gives the wine volume and complexity.

APPEARANCE / Light lemon color

NOSE / Wonderfully salty, lemony, with white peach and mineral salt notes

PALATE / Its underlined, razor-sharp acidity and moderate alcohol and body make up a wine with substance and great aging potential.

With its sharp acidity and Doric character, Plano Assyrtiko has the mission to enhance the enjoyment of the most delicious lean fish and finest seafood and shellfish. A wine that goes perfectly with dishes like sea bass carpaccio, crayfish tartare and steamed oysters, as well as fish fillets such as grouper, red snapper and perch. This is an ideal wine to accompany fusion, creative cuisine with precision, clean flavors and emphasis on detail, including sushi. A wine that will reward those who will age it for at least 4-5 years.