Idisma Drios Merlot

A cool-climate Merlot

Wine Art Estate manages to masterfully vinify the famous Merlot, offering a cool-climate version. The most widely planted variety in France, the exceptional Merlot, rarely finds such ideal growing conditions as in Drama, that ensure its finesse.

The Drama terroir offers Merlot everything it needs to triumph.

Cold soak of the skins to the juice prior to fermentation for a few days to transfer noble phenols and structure from the grapes, before the "appearance" of alcohol. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with regular pumping-over to extract color and tannins. After the malolactic conversion, the wine is transferred to French oak barrels, 1/3 new, for 12months maturation.

APPEARANCE / Intense ruby color

NOSE / Aromas of plums, red fruits, sweet aromas of licorice and vanilla with notes of mint and bitter chocolate.

PALATE / High acidity, high, intense tannins of velvety texture, high alcohol. On the palate the wine is peppery and muscular, with a long aftertaste.

Idisma Drios Merlot is a dense wine that maintains its flexibility with food. It goes well with medium to high intensity dishes such as truffle risotti, grilled mushrooms, pizza with premium cold cuts as well as bold cheeses such as mature cheddar and gorgonzola. At the same time Idisma Drios Merlot is enough thick and fleshy to successfully accompany dishes like roast duck, Coq Au Vin (Rooster cooked in wine), beef cheeks and rare T-Bone fillets.