Pink Bang

In the Pink Bang Era

Pink Bang keeps the full-bodied rosé style alive, a style that has been loved for many years and retains its own audience.

With a fuller body and more intense aromas, it puts everyone in a playful, expressive mood. Its color, however, remains light; a result of the brief ‘bleeding’ method, without much extraction.

‘Bleeding’ or Saignée method is applied; the must from the Touriga Nacional tank is racked after just two hours extraction, to obtain its pale rose color. Vinification in stainless steel tanks, in controlled temperatures.

APPEARANCE / Pale pink color

NOSE / Aromatic and expressive, with memories of candies, flowers, cotton candy, potpourri, Marvel-of-peru flowers and white peach

PALATE / Exuberant on the palate with a refreshing acidity blending harmoniously with the full body and moderate alcohol. The result is a rich palate without edges, with persistent duration.

Pink Bang works perfectly as an aperitif wine for consumption by the glass. Of course it will work just as beautifully with Greek summer dishes like peas in oil and stuffed ‘gemista’ tomatoes, while it will successfully accompany spicy flavors and sauces like those of the Indian cuisine. Tandoori chicken marinated in colorful spices, aromatic rice with lamb and delicious fried samosas with vegetables will take you on a memorable ethnic pathway. A pizza margarita or a spaghetti Napolitano will offer guaranteed enjoyment.