Techni Alipias white

An exotic Sauvignon Blanc & Assyrtiko

Techni Alipias white offers one of the most authentic expressions of the exotic, aromatic white blends from Drama.

One of the first wines of Drama created in the -now popular- fashion of blending Sauvignon Blanc with Assyrtiko, it shaped and defined this style for the entire region, inspiring other producers.

Cold soaking of the grape skins into the must to transfer the explosive aroma components of the grapes, prior to fermentation. Each variety is vinified separately in stainless steel tanks and after completion, the blend is created. Sur lie method (stirring the fine lees into the tanks) gives the wine volume and complexity.

APPEARANCE / Light lemon color

NOSE / Explosive, intense and impressively exotic nose with a sweet & sour twist. Aromas of tropical fruits, mango, melon, pineapple, kiwi, lime, passion fruit, peach and gooseberries.

PALATE / High acidity offers freshness, while the moderate alcohol and medium body contribute to its balance. Persisting aftertaste with a tropical imprint, once again.

An explosive, extroverted, tropical and expressive wine that needs cuisines and dishes with aroma, color and temperament. Dishes like those of Thailand with their spicy and sweet & sour elements will complement the wine and will be equally complemented by the latter. Spicy shrimp soups, fried noodles, fried rice and dishes with colorful peppers and curry will match perfectly. For the same reasons it will go extremely well with Mexican delicacies such as burritos or chicken quesadillas, tacos filled with spicy minced beef and beans as well as grilled meats with spicy Mexican sauce Pico de Gallo. Of course, Techni Alipias white goes always very well with green salads, cold appetizers and colorful finger food, while it also performs ideally as a welcome wine.