Idisma Drios Xi

The Xinomavro of Drama

Wine Art Estate cultivates in Drama the top-quality red variety of Northern Greece; Xinomavro. Precise cultivation and careful vinification have contributed to the creation of a wine that balances between finesse and strength, lightness and volume, aging and freshness.

A Xinomavro that puts an end to the dilemmas on the modern or traditional approach of Xinomavro, since it has elements from both styles. The balance between finesse and volume makes it just as flexible on the table.

Cold soak of the skins to the juice prior to fermentation for a few days to transfer noble phenols and structure from the grapes, before the "appearance" of alcohol. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with regular pumping-over to extract color and tannins. After the malolactic conversion, the wine is transferred to 225 lt French oak barrels, 50% new, for a 12months maturation. Light filtration and bottling.

APPEARANCE / Ruby with garnet highlights

NOSE / Pleasantly typical Xinomavro nose with a balsamic character and aromas of potpourri, red berries, forest fruits, Cornelian cherries, sun-dried tomatoes, wet forest floor, leather and truffle notes.

PALATE / On the palate the earthy character prevails, along with high acidity, plenty of mature but intense tannins, full alcohol and body.

The aged side of the wine will create beautiful bridges with dishes cooked in broths, with depth and complexity. Grilled mushroom dishes, fine prosciutto, Ragù sausages with tagliatelle and truffle risotto will take off the delicious experience that Xi generously offers. Fatty beef steaks, pork pâtés, gorgonzola and aged yellow cheeses complete the picture of enjoyment.